The number of retrofitted elevators in old buildings in Guangzhou accounts for 40% of the country, ranking first in major cities

Ocean News “The first step to go out and the last way to go home”, the installation of an elevator in the old building is a livelihood project that has received much attention in recent years. Recently, the first international seminar on retrofitting elevators in existing buildings hosted by China Elevator Association, Guangdong Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, and Zhongshan Market Supervision Bureau was held. Nearly 200 companies, inspection and testing institutions, and nearly 500 experts around the country discussed industry policies, technologies, standards, funds, and business models for installing elevators in existing buildings. The reporter learned at the

“The first elevator installation was successful”

In addition to the 200,000 yuan subsidized by the government, the remaining 300,000 yuan of installation costs will be shared by the residents in the corridor. After 10 households negotiated, the distribution ratio was determined: 20.5% on the 6th floor, 15% on the 5th floor, 9% on the 4th floor, 4% on the 3rd floor, and 1.5 on the 2nd floor. %, Owners on the first floor do not share. The maintenance of elevators and the burden of electricity costs are also apportioned in this proportion. (“The Modern Gold News” on November 14) With the aging of the population structure,

“Sickness” for many years

News review: Today’s Wuhu client users report that Ronghui Zhongjiang Plaza, located on the east side of Zhonghe Road, is a major business district in the city center. But at the entrance to the business district, an escalator has not been used for many years. “Now, a handwritten scrapping sign is placed at the entrance of the elevator, which has a great impact on the city appearance. It is recommended that relevant departments can remove this scrapped elevator in time.” (For details, see Dajiang Evening News, October 11, A07) Latest progress: After receiving the complaint, the reporter came to Ronghui

Beijing Sunhe Kangying Homeland Community installed 178 elevators, 6000 residents no longer worry about climbing

The reporter learned from Chaoyang District today that Sunhe Kangying Homestead will add 178 elevators to the residential building at a stretch, and 6000 residents will no longer need to climb the building. The intelligent sensing city operation platform in the Sunhe area assists “doing the action immediately” to “doing it before the action”, and the regional branch is built in the building courtyard, and party members are sent to the building door to participate in community governance. The 178 elevators in the Kangyingjiayuan community will be fully put into use, and more than 6,000 residents will bid farewell to

Promote the installation of elevators in old buildings

■ An old man is using the retrofitted elevator. Provide a platform to help residents reduce contradictions, precisely assist poor people to install elevators … ■ Focus on new exploration of installing elevators in old buildings 2 There are 11 old buildings in a compound, 7 elevators have been successfully installed, and 3 buildings are being retrofitted. This scene took place in the courtyard of No. 3-21 Meihua Road, Yuexiu District. Yuexiu District makes full use of community activities such as the “Community Forum” and “Residents’ Chamber” to provide offline communication platforms and online discussion platforms to promote the installation

Nanchang old residential building installed elevator “who pays” “how to build” may wish to learn from

Text / Photo Li Qiao, reporter of Jiangnan Metropolis Daily On November 1, this year, Nanchang introduced a new policy for installing elevators in old residential quarters, proposing measures to simplify the procedures for installing elevators in residential buildings in old residential quarters, and provide financial subsidies of 80,000 to 100,000 yuan per Taiwan. So, how much does it cost to install an elevator in residential buildings, what approval procedures do you have to go through, how to share the installation costs reasonably, and how to solve the maintenance problems, etc., has become a concern of the residents of the