People in the cities always need to work in crowded public transportation environments such as footbridges, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, or railway stations. A safe and comfortable transportation system which can conveniently and efficiently transport them to their destinations is needed.

Product CategoryFeaturesDescriptionScope of Use
Elevators Passenger elevatorHigher machine room efficiency

Low noise and energy consumption

Smooth acceleration, comfortable ride

Cabin customized to meet requirements

Subway systems

Railroad stations

High-speed trains


Tourist sites

Goods elevatorHigh power, heavy loading capacity

More spacious and sturdy

Carries large-volume goods

More durable steel-structure main body

Panoramic elevatorCan be installed indoors and outdoors

More modelling choice and more intimate

Saves interior floor space

Field of view on three sides, 360° panorama

Escalators   Commercial escalatorSimple, fashionable, streamlined, attractive

Compact structure, good load capacity

Robust power system

Steady, high efficiency control system

Efficient diversion of large
passenger flows

Long-distance carriage of passenger flows

More energy efficient frequency change control

Safer high-strength trusses

Transport hubs

Subway systems

Railroad stations

High-speed train stations


Passenger footbridges

Public escalator
Moving Walkways Flat