Social responsibility


The visit of Syney Electric Co., Ltd.-“Social responsibility, we are on the road”

“Come here, come …” On December 14, when the company’s donated materials opened into the entrance of the canteen building of the orphanage, many children were already fenced in. After many years of use, some are unstable, some are missing, and some are uneven. The company attaches great importance to this decision and made 130 stools and 30 tables for the children in the orphanage. While the company is developing itself, it has been paying attention to all aspects of the socially disadvantaged groups and has always dedicated its love to society. Whether it is a welfare institution, a family

“Good” on the road

On May 22, 2015, the spring breeze of the Syney Love Project was blown into Hangzhou No. 1 Welfare Home. As the summer was approaching, care was given to the children of the welfare home. A total of 500 sets of short-sleeved T-shirt suits, 300 sets of cotton three-piece suits, and 10,000 kilograms of rice were donated. At 10.30 in the morning, a truck loaded with Syney condolences slowly entered the gate of the First Welfare Home, and the children who were notified were waiting early in the Welfare Home, just like the children left behind looking forward to their

Healthy vegetarian moon cake pass off Love – 2014 Syney Electrical Seventh “Love Project”

September 3, 2014 at the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, Syney electromechanical condolences Hangzhou First Social Welfare Institute, and sent 1100 copies net prime moon cake. The vegan moon cakes are from Hangzhou Shangtianzhu Zen Temple. The ingredients are selected from healthy ingredients and workmanship is exquisite. After hearing that the moon cake was donated to the orphanage, the temple deliberately added manpower to rush to make it. I hope that the people in the orphanage will feel the strong care of the society and have a peaceful and happy Mid-Autumn Festival while tasting the moon cakes. 分享到: 0

Qiuyi send warmth warm heart warming – Syney Electrical eighth “Love Project

The autumn wind rises and the cold dew arrives. October 9, 2014, Syney electromechanical carrying the full warmth sent 630 sets Qiuyi first social welfare Hangzhou. In the early stage of making Qiu Yi, first communicate with the hospital carefully, clarify the clothes style and pattern, and place an order according to the number of sizes calculated by the hospital. The people in the orphanage put on new clothes and sat comfortably in the shade of the trees to rest. The most innocent happiness can be seen from their faces. Qiuyi not only warmed their bodies, but also warmed their

The 6th “Love Project” in 2014-Helping the poor families in Hangzhou First Welfare Home

——Remember the support activities for the “specially impoverished families” of Hangzhou First Welfare Institute Every year, Syney Electromechanical Co., Ltd. will regularly or occasionally go to Hangzhou No. 1 Welfare Institute for the sympathy of the whole staff of the hospital, bring blessings and deliver materials, year after year. However, this year, the Syney Love Project will be further deepened. In addition to the compassionate sympathy for all members of the welfare institution, special assistance will be provided to the disabled welfare institution staff who originally lived in the welfare institution, but later faced the society independently and established a